ISBN: 1-932051-22-8
$9.95 72 pages
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Diamond: MAY042205
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Graphic Novel, All Ages
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Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba

Once upon a time, there was a story. A love story. Different listeners will hear different things from the love story; for some, it might be a tale of journeys and rites of passage and battles won and foes vanquished and happily-ever-after. For other listeners, it might be a story about dreams and desires, for all is simple, beautiful and magical when you're young and in love. But once upon a time.... there was a story, and listen to me now: it was a love story.


"The art is a perfect blend of fluid storytelling and contemporary style that should help the book appeal to young readers as much as older ones...those who read it will find an instant gem well worth their time and money. A+"
  ~ Tom McLean, Variety