ISBN: 1-932051-09-0
$14.95 176 pages
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Diamond: DEC022403
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Graphic Novel, Epic Tales
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True Story, Swear to God: Chances Are...

Tom Beland

Life is about chances. What are the chances of going to a theme park, on the other side of the coast... and meeting a person who will change your life as you know it? What are the chances of this person living on the island of San Juan, Puerto Rico, some 9,000 miles from your home in Napa Valley, California? What are the chances of a long-distance relationship such as this lasting very long?

If you're California cartoonist Tom Beland and Puerto Rico journalist Lily García, well, those chances are pretty good. "Chances are..." combines the first four issues of Tom Beland's Eisner-nominated autobiographical series "True Story, Swear to God." A book that deals with the joys of meeting someone by chance and the heartache that comes with distance. It covers the humor, anxiety, annoyances and paranoia found in every relationship.

Continue the romance with volume 2.

Don't miss his collection of comic strips in TRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GOD: 100 STORIES.


"This is one of the few books my girlfriend picks up off my coffee table to read when she has a few minutes to spare, but it’s also one of the first books I read when I come back from the shop on Wednesday afternoon."
    ~ Bryan Miller,

"TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD brilliantly helps fill the gap in the current market of romance comics... and best of all, this one's true, so it's easier to believe in the message of love it conveys. All love stories are the same, but all love stories are different. This comic captures the best of that experience."
    ~ Johanna Draper-Carlson,

"In sharing his very personal story of finding true love, Beland has created a surprisingly universal story that could do for modern romance comics what books like Sin City and Stray Bullets did for crime comics."
    ~ Randy Lander, Snap Judgments

"Woe is me, for the Lord will surely smite me for my sin. For I covet, you see. I want what he has... not Lily, no, but that feeling of being blessed with someone with which one can share one's life."
    -~ Don MacPhearson, Critiques On Infinate Earths