Proof of Concept

ISBN: 1-932051-29-5
$12.95 136 pages
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Diamond: OCT042321
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Graphic Novel, Action Adventure
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Proof of Concept

Larry Young, Damian Couceiro, John Flynn, Steven Sanders, Jeff Johns, Paul Tucker, John Heebink, Kieron Dwyer

A collection of short adventure stories by the writer of ASTRONAUTS IN TROUBLE and PLANET OF THE CAPES! A young clone of Abraham Lincoln discovers the secrets of his past in EMANCIPATING LINCOLN! A reluctant vampire flees mobilized vanhelsing units in a future he never thought he’d see. This time, they’re out for his blood, in HEMOGOBLIN! A rag-tag group of time-travellers chase their insane captain through every moment of eternity in FOR THE TIME BEING! Soldiers versus undead monsters in ZOMBIE DINOSAUR! A Hollywood starlet gets even more famous once she turns invisible, in THE BOD!


"This is an experiment, initiated by Larry Young, publisher of AiT-PlanetLar and one of comics greatest champions... highlights were Zombie Dinosaur,” drawn by Steven Sanders with Jeff Johns, which features a team of hunters lead by a Bruce Willis lookalike hunting down fossilized dinosaurs that are mysteriously coming back to life; and “Emancipating Lincoln,” in which a man in a world where everyone’s a clone of Abraham Lincoln finds a $5 bill with his likeness on it and goes looking for answers... a reminder that the potential of comics is barely tapped." more >
  — Tom McLean, VARIETY

"Emancipating Lincoln" from PROOF OF CONCEPT is a cute short science fiction story. In a way, it reminds me of the short short science fiction stories that Isaac Asimov would write in the 1950s for the sake of a funny pun at the end of the two pages. That art form is lost, though I'd like to see some independent publisher give it a try. For now, I'll acknowledge Larry Young as the unchallenged world renowned master of the comic short short comic story. " more >
  — Augie DeBlieck, Jr., Comic Book Resources

"It's a fun book, and the variety of story bits within means that just about anybody is likely to find something they like." more >
  — Steve Pheley, Gutterninja

"I want a Larry Young action figure... this is a fantastic book. It's a telling look into the slightly off-kilter mind of Larry Young..." more >
  — Dorian Wright, Postmodern Barney

"As it is, this is still one heck of a sampler book, and I wouldn't mind seeing any of these stories in a fuller format. It's entertaining and it's educational, and a must-read for any aspiring writers, particularly those interested in the adventure genre."
  — Mike Sterling, Progressive Ruin