Free Font

As a writer and publisher of my own comics, I find the lettering just as an important a part of the art as the pencils and the inks. As the wise and terrible Minister of Propaganda for Comix Experience in San Francisco, I've seen a lot of comics with great art crapped up by bad lettering. I'm so passionate about good lettering being available to the masses, I've designed a font you can use for your own comic stories.

It's got an upper- and lower-case character set and simple punctuation. For numbers and other stuff, you're on your own. All I ask is that if you use it, give me a nod in your credit box or on your letters pages. Tell me what you think.

Character Set for LYBinkyfont

LYBinkyFont Mac .sit file | PC .zip file


Find any AiT/Planet Lar publication at your nearest comic store.

Can't find it at your local retailer? Get it online at Khepri.com