ISBN: 1-932051-25-2
$9.95 120 pages
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Diamond: SEP04 2308
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All-Ages, Non-Fiction
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Tales From Fish Camp: A City Girl's Experience Working in an Alaskan Fishing Village

Danielle Henderson

Bear chases. Stabbings. Broken bones. Sleeping three hours a day. Drinking whiskey all night. It all comes with the territory when a New York City city girl takes a job in an Alaskan fishing village. TALES FROM FISH CAMP is a humorous take on the day-to-day drudgery of working 18 hour shifts, boozing it up with wizened old fisherman, hitchhiking, blood poisoning, and sucker hosing, filleting and packing thousands of pounds of fish. Though it sounds like she lost a lost bet, Danielle took this job on purpose - with no idea what she'd be getting herself into.