The Couriers

ISBN: 1-932051-31-7
$12.95 88 pages
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Diamond: NOV042305
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Graphic Novel, Action Adventure
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The Couriers: The Ballad of Johnny Funwrecker

Brian Wood, Rob G

Book Three in the COURIERS saga hits the rewind button on the lives of everybody's two favorite urban mercenary couriers and goes back, way back, to 1993. Moustafa's a dirtbag grunge kid selling weed by the cube at Astor Place and Special's a riot grrrl with a mean streak, looking to carve a place for herself in the criminal underworld. How do these two unlikely partners meet up and become the tight-knit team they are now? Meet Johnny Funwrecker, the hilarious larger-than-life Chinatown mob boss and role model for little street rat hooligans all over. Wood doesn't scrimp on the action and humor in this origin story, and artist Rob G kicks out his own hometown anthem, drawing New York City the way only a true local can.

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