Come In Alone

ISBN: 0-9709360-0-1
$16.95 248 pages
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Diamond: STAR13674
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Come In Alone

Warren Ellis

"They want me to entertain you bastards," Warren Ellis began his series of columns for the comic book Internet destination website Comic Book Resources. Part social commentary, part sitting at-the-feet-of-Socrates, part kick in the ass, COME IN ALONE was the column that would zig when you thought it would zag. This collection of all fifty-two columns includes Ellis' unique take on the comic book industry, features first-class interviews with top-flight comic book professionals, and even includes the legendary Old Bastard's Manifesto. Wrap this all up in an evocative and spooky cover by Brian Wood, and you've got a collection of commentary that midwifed the birth of the comic book industry into the 21st century.

  • Warren Ellis has worked in comics for over 10 years with every major publisher including Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Dark Horse and is the creator of TRANSMETROPOLITAN, PLANETARY, SWITCHBLADE HONEY, and AVAILABLE LIGHT
  • Warren Ellis has won multiple awards including an Eisner Award for Best Writer, the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award for Best Mystery, and England's Eagle Award


"COME IN ALONE takes a hard look at the comic book industry, what it's done right and wrong, and where it needs to go next in order to evolve into an industry that will take itself into the mainstream. It is more than just comics criticism; it is a theology all comic book fans should subscribe to."
    ~ Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer,