ISBN: 0-9709360-4-4
$24.95 64 pages
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Diamond: STAR15269
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Photography and Prose
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Available Light

Warren Ellis

AVAILABLE LIGHT is a hardcover collection of new short writings and digital photography by Warren Ellis, the creator and author of TRANSMETROLOITAN, PLANETARY, SWITCHBLADE HONEY and MINISTRY OF SPACE. The thirty photographs are taken with an Eyemodule, a camera plugged into a handheld computer. Low-fi high-tech — smaller than a lighter, but limited by fixed-zoom and no flash. It works only with available light.

Its eerie, grainily vérité images are coupled with thirty new prose pieces inspired by the pictures, ranging from strange fiction to observational writing familiar to readers of the best-selling COME IN ALONE. Warren Ellis' prose fiction has previously been published in places like the scientific journal NATURE and the two TRANSMETROPOLITAN complementary works I HATE IT HERE and FILTH OF THE CITY.